Collection: Kaleidocube!

The Kaleidocube collection uses a dichroic prism to bend, mirror, and rainbow the world around you.

Clip the Kaleidocube onto your phone or laptop camera, and what's left and what's right will be mirrored into your perspective, in notes of red, oranges, greens, and blues. 

Try rotating your phone forward and back and really confuse your brain!  

These prisms are found in projectors, used to combine the different image channels into one image.

I extracted one of these prisms from a projector one day in 2015, and promptly forgot about it. One fateful day in 2021, I found that prism, looked through it, and was blown away. Since then, I've been experimenting with ways of interaction with these prisms - big and small, from necklaces, phone attachments, camera attachments, and eyeglasses.